Embry-Riddle Team Adds Golf Pucks to Daily Training at Prescott Campus

Updated: May 11

Kim Haddow, Head Golf Coach of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Prescott, has made Acculine Golf Pucks part of ERAU's prestigious golf training program by integrating the pucks into daily practice and video sessions for all players and coaches.

"The Golf Pucks provide amazing feedback to better visualize what's happening in your golf swing and ball flight, especially during video sessions." – Kim Haddow

The story began at our first Putting Clinic in conjunction with PING at Antelope Hills Golf Course in Prescott, where we arranged the Acculine Golf Pucks 3-Puck systems across the practice green using a putting gate and a short vertical rod placed directly beneath the hands at address (as seen in the image below).

Golfers from the area flocked to the clinic for a chance to have PGA Instructor and Golf Pucks Ambassador John Gunby provide a free assessment of their swing, and some of the golfers happened to be members of the Embry-Riddle Golf Team. Gunby recorded their swings from an iPad Pro using the V1 Sports app, and offered his tips based on the feedback from the video session. This helped many golfers identify areas that they needed to work on to improve their putting. Prior to the Putting Clinic, one member of Embry-Riddle’s golf team had been trying to fix a consistent putting miss to the left. He had not had any success figuring out what changes to make in his stroke. Gunby discovered that the student was slightly closing the putter face at impact. His putting arc and path on the backswing was sound, but the face angle of the putter closed at impact as his left wrist lost its original starting angle, aka collapsed.

The putter path/arc was observed from down-the-line (D/L) with the camera positioned behind the putter and directly in line with the target. The club face angle at impact was videoed face-on (F/O). Gunby recorded the F/O video directly in front of the golfer, directly opposite the impact position, with the putter face parallel to the guide rod used to set the putting gate. The ball was positioned just ahead of the guide rod, so that the putter face was exactly in line with this guide rod.

Using slow motion video, Gunby was able to identify frame by frame how the putter blade was slightly closing through contact with the ball. The closed face at impact imparted a slight right-to-left spin on the ball, resulting in the slight left-hand curve and the chronic left miss. As the ball rolled closer to the hole and slowed down, the right-to-left curve became even more prominent.

Shortly after Haddow's team members attended the PING Putting Demo and Clinic, she realized the significant benefits of the Acculine Golf Pucks System and began incorporating it into her coaching regimen.

About Kim Haddow

Embry-Riddle hired Kim Haddow as its first-ever Head Golf Coach in 2010 to build both the men's and women's programs from the ground up at the Prescott campus. Coach Haddow has had a stellar coaching career at Embry-Riddle. The women’s team has won every California Pacific Conference (Cal Pac) that the league has had, taking home its sixth straight in 2019. The men’s squad has won five Cal Pac titles, just missing its sixth straight championship by two strokes in 2018. Haddow has been recognized as the Cal Pac Coach of the Year five times.  Academically the ERAU men's team has garnered the award of highest NAIA men's golf team GPA three times, and highest GPA of all collegiate divisions in 2015. This is the first such honor received by an NAIA team. In 2016, the men's team was also awarded the NAIA Buffalo Funds Five Star Champions of Character award for its service in the community. The 2014-2015 season was special because both the men's and women's ERAU teams competed against the Chinese Olympic Developmental Team overseas and in ERAU's spring tournament.  

To say that Haddow brought a tremendous prior resume of experience and success to Embry-Riddle would be something of an understatement. As a former head coach at both the University of Florida and the University of Arizona, she has had phenomenal success guiding collegiate student-athletes to achieve their upmost potential. She led her teams to nine NCAA Championship appearances, finishing in the Top 10 in seven of those tournaments. Her 1992 Arizona team finished second overall, and two of her Wildcat golfers claimed NCAA titles during her tenure. Haddow has seen 22 of her golfers named NCAA All-Americans, nine selected as Academic All-Americans, and one named National Player of the Year. During Haddow’s time at Arizona, 15 golfers received All-Pac-10 honors, and 11 received All-SEC honors while she coached at Florida. In 1995 her entire University of Florida playing five earned All-SEC honors, a feat that had never been accomplished before in the league. Haddow has had numerous former student-athletes go on to illustrious careers in professional golf, including former LPGA great Annika Sorenstam. Haddow has received many personal accolades herself, including 1992 NCAA Coach of the Year, 1992 Pac-10 Coach of the year, and Far West Region Coach of the Year three times. Coach Haddow was inducted into the NCAA Golf Coaches Hall of Fame in 1997.

A veteran of international coaching assignments as well, Haddow has coached the USA Team and USA Individual Team in the Shisedo Cup Matches in Tokyo, Japan. In the summer of 2010 she was selected to coach the U.S. Women’s Team for the World University Golf Championships in Antequera, Spain, where four of her golfers earned medals. In 2008 she was selected to coach the USA Team for the World Championships in Sun City, South Africa, guiding the team to a Gold Medal finish.

A member of the National Golf Coaches Association and an LPGA Class A Golf Instructor, Haddow holds a bachelor's from Southern Methodist University and a master's from the University of Arizona. The mother of two adult daughters named Kallie and Stacy, Haddow resides in Chino Valley, Arizona with her husband Mike.


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